My Twitter account profile reads, "Husband (Aggie), Dad (Justin, Jake, Ryan, and Nick). Musician at heart, preacher by call, drywaller by trade, and a relentless disciple of Christ by grace!"

I can't imagine any words that I could use to better express to you who I am without being able to sit down with you and share my story. There are few things I like better than to sit down with people and share "war" stories...stories about how God has reached into the very abyss and redeemed lives, but one of those things is to sit down with folk who are living those stories now. Stories from people who are wounded, suffering, and battle fatigued. If that is you and you have stumbled across this web page...I want to talk with you. I want to share my story with you...a story about decisions, consequences, and wasted years, but, most importantly, a story about a way UP from the abyss, OUT of a life enslaved to sin, and INto the Kingdom of God by placing HOPE in a relationship with the great lover and pursuer of souls, Jesus Christ! If you need someone to talk to check out the contact information on this site and call me, I want to be your friend and If you do not have a church and are looking for a place to be loved, encouraged, and matter where you are on your spiritual journey come check us out...I want to be your pastor.

Pastor Ron